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Every individual and organization has the potential to perform at exceptional levels and leadership is the key to making this happen. But how do leaders get themselves, their people and their organizations to unlock their potential and perform at truly superior levels? We help answering this fundamental question by introducing the perspective of “Positive Leadership”. It is based on the insights of the young science of Positive Psychology, combined with our own twenty-year experience in global leadership and leadership development. With this approach, we challenge many traditional assumptions about leadership and provide participants with thought-provoking ideas and frameworks to boost their capabilities and those of their teams.

In this highly interactive and experiential program, participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize the value of positive emotions for themselves, their teams and their organization’s bottom-line
  • Understand their own unique set of strengths, performance risks and sources of purpose – and use this knowledge to lead themselves in line with their “inner compass”
  • Inspire their teams to exceptional performance by living leadership as a relationship based on authenticity, meaning, positive communication and a focus on strengths

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As with top athletes, business leaders must constantly invest in their personal growth and unique development. The coach’s distinct focus on the one person, their impartial view and their assessment and feedback skills enable direct, measurable impact on an executive’s leadership effectiveness.

Our coaching approach combines our own global leadership experience and a quarter century track record in the field of leadership development with key insights of the science of Positive Psychology. It helps leaders to fully leverage their and their coworkers’ strengths and set free previously untapped energy levels. Together we explore how to find meaning in work and life and how leaders can enable others to do the same. We make the case that more personal fulfillment in organizations does not only make lives richer but also leads to superior business performance. Together with our clients, we define ways how to adopt an authentic, inspiring, purposeful and, consequently, more effective leadership approach.

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